Causes, symptoms and treatments for relieving dry skin

Why is it important to choose the right moisturising cream for dry skin? Because not all moisturising creams act in the same way.

Dry skin: the most common problems

If you want to understand how essential moisturisation is for the skin’s wellbeing, you only need to bear in mind certain figures:

  • the epidermis consists of 65-70% water, 
  • the dermis consists of 80% water.

It is easy to grasp, therefore, that the skin, being made up, for the most part, of water, needs to remain hydrated and moisturised to stay healthy.

Even with a loss of hydration of 10%, your skin can no longer execute basic functions such as:

  • metabolic exchanges,
  • cell regeneration,
  • protection from threats in the external environment.

Taking care of dry skin, therefore, means not only making it softer and smoother but keeping it healthy.

How to moisturize dry skin

The skin barrier is the structure responsible for keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised at the right level.

When the barrier is intact, it reduces TEWL (trans epidermal water loss), holding water in the lower layers of the skin.

However, when the barrier is altered, it can no longer maintain your body’s right level of moisturisation. This is what can cause dryness of varying degrees of strength, as well as itchiness.

In more serious cases, dry skin can aggravate irritations and conditions associated with skin imbalance.

Therefore, acting upon the skin barrier is useful for keeping skin moisturised and healthy. It’s because of this that a worthwhile moisturizing cream is a real and effective emollient treatment for dry skin. It will replenish an altered skin barrier and keep it balanced.

What does the ideal product for moisturising dry skin look like? 

An emollient treatment that can guarantee moisturised skin will contain, in an “active” formulation, lipids that are naturally present in your skin:

  • ceramides,
  • cholesterol,
  • fatty acids.

It will thus increase your skin’s moisturisation. Most importantly, it will actively repair a deficient skin barrier.

 An active emollient cream:

  • Will reintegrate and replenish skin lipids.
  • Will remoisturise and protect the skin.
  • Will be easy to apply, and not too oily.
  • Will not contain preservatives, or only preservatives that aren’t irritant or allergenic.
  • Will not contain fragrance allergens.

The Ceramol products to take care of dry skin 

The Ceramol 311 products fulfill all these criteria: they do not contain fragrances, allergenic preservatives, or any other kind of allergenic ingredient. Furthermore, they carry skin lipids that replenish the protective barrier of the skin. Cremabase is more than a simple moisturising cream: it’s an active emollient treatment ideal dry or very dry facial or body skin, or for cases of xerosis or eczema that causes dryness. It moisturises your skin and keeps it comfortable in the long term thanks to its specific formula.

It is also advised for very sensitive, reactive and allergic skin, as it doesn’t contain allergens.


The above information is not medical advice. It is given purely as an indication and is not intended as a substitute for professional advice.

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