Nappy rash: how to prevent it

  • continuous contact with nappies
  • rubbing, especially when baby learns to sit up
  • a warm and damp environment, in particular if nappies do not allow the skin to breathe
  • use of aggressive cleansing products (rinse-off or wet wipes)
  • Good hygiene is essential: change your baby’s nappy often and clean your baby’s bottom and genital area very carefully using products that have been specially formulated for babies or a neutral soap.
  • If possible, don’t use disposable wipes: substances they contain linger on your baby’s skin.
  • Keep skin dry: a damp environment only encourages the onset of irritations and nappy rash. At every nappy change, make sure the skin is dry, patting it gently with a towel (and not rubbing).
  • Don’t fasten the nappy too tightly: nappies rubbing against the skin is the main cause of nappy rash.
  • Apply a soothing and protective cream formulated for sensitive and delicate skin, preferably one that is fragrance-free.
  • If the skin is irritated, leave your baby’s nappy off for as long as you can to let it breathe.
  • If the irritation persists, ask your paediatrician for advice. It may be an allergic dermatitis.